Nice to see you here!

I am Michael Bach, the person behind rivuletconsult

  • A civil engineer, specialized on IWRM.
  • A self-taught programmer, interested in IT in general.
  • A meditator, trying to create conducive work environments.
  • An avid traveler, trying to live a meaningful and fulfilled life.
Dr.-Ing. Michael Bach
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Bach

Core values of my work

  • Strong focus on FOSS.
  • Scientific base.
  • Sustainable and integrated solutions.
  • Quality before quantity.


Integrated Water Resources Management

I am a civil engineer with more than 15 years experience in integrated water resources management. Projects I have worked on cover the entire spectrum of basic research, teaching, model development, consulting, knowledge-transfer, guideline development, and practical applications:

  • Rural and urban hydrologic/hydraulic modelling.
  • Water quality and freshwater ecology.
  • Model development.
  • Flood risk assessment and management.
  • Ecosystem services and ecosystem-based adaption.
  • Optimization of complex water systems.
  • Sustainable planning within the water, energy, food food nexus.

Information Technology

I started programming by the age of 10, when I developed a little math test on my Amiga 500 in Basic. Over time, my interests within IT grew and covers today:

  • Model development within IWRM.
  • GIS application and plugin development.
  • Web development & Collaborative software.
  • Version Control.
  • Databases.
  • Secure Communication.
  • Typesetting & desktop publishing.

Team Management

Over the years I have been part of a variety of teams in companies, working groups, professional associations, universities, state agencies, and NGOs. In various functions within the different teams I have learned about:

  • Team building and management.
  • Team leadership.
  • Group dynamics.
  • Project management.
  • Standardization of processes and services.
  • Remote work.
  • Collaboration tools.