Water Resources Management

Water resources management is one of the biggest global challenges: Droughts and floods pose major risk to humanity and declining water quality has become a global issue of concern.

rivuletconsult helps you to adapt water ecosystems to changing boundary conditions in sustainable ways by targeted data analysis, the application of mathematical models, and the use optimization techniques.

Information Technology

Analysis and visualization of large amounts of data are crucial for solving local and global challenges. Communication of knowledge, information and findings are vital keys for successful projects.

rivuletconsult assists you with appropriate tools for data management and communication: Websites, GIS, databases, wikis, mobile apps, version control systems, and classical documents.

Team management

Excellent work results require outstanding teams. Outstanding teams are build with amazing people. Amazing people desire awesome working conditions.

rivuletconsult is your partner in building and maintaining successful interdisciplinary teams from a wide range of professional backgrounds, cultures, and locations needed to solve complex challenges.